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Free Design Resources for Your e-Learning


The premade themes and templates that come with Lectora® are great, but what if you’re in the mood for something a little different? We scoured the web and found a few great FREE design downloads. So, in case you’re not working with that unlimited budget we all dream of, check out these free design resources!…

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10 Tips to Earn Money as an eLearning Professional


As is the case with any worthwhile and rewarding career path, it takes time and dedication to be a successful eLearning professional. However, there are a number of ways that you can boost your earning potential and increase your profits even if you are new in the eLearning field. 1. Discover your niche and get…

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Using jQuery and Lectora to Customize Your e-Learning Courses: Part 1


In this 4-part blog I’m going to show you how to leverage jQuery to take your Lectora® e-Learning courses beyond “good” and into the “awesome” territory. Let’s start with Part 1, where we’ll learn how to add the jQuery library to your title as well as how to use it for a cool little trick….

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The Season’s Top 10 e-Learning Picks: Summer


This summer was full of cookouts, fireworks—and over at Lectora®, a bunch of big product news with the CourseMill® family. Our website and eNewsletter got a whole new look too, so we’re pretty excited!  The Lectora writers Stephanie Ivec and I even found time to research and write about some cool e-Learning topics, plus share a…

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Knowledge Sharing: Your Informal Invitation


Everyone’s talking about knowledge sharing lately, but let’s say you’re still hesitant to join in. We created an informal invitation—really though, it’s a fun infographic—to show you everything you need to know to participate!   Your Everything for e-Learning Place is here to help you get started with CourseMill® Wave and knowledge sharing. Just email us…

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5 e-Learning Mistakes That Damage Your Credibility


You’re two songs into your favorite playlist with a perfectly chilled Red Bull at your desk and no meetings all day. You’re ready to knock out your next e-Learning course, right?  Not so fast. Hit pause, move your hand away from the mouse and take a minute to make sure you’re not wrecking your course…

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The Secret to e-Learning Success and Happiness: Flow


What’s the secret to happiness and also the way to motivate your e-Learners? It’s the flow theory, developed by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. “Flow” is the creative moment when a person is completely engaged in an activity for its own sake—exactly what you want for your learners when they’re taking your online training course.  “The…

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Lectora Online V2.0 is Coming


Have you been dreaming of developing in the cloud, but can’t find an easy-to-use tool? Or maybe you already use Lectora® Online and love it, but wouldn’t mind a few updates. I have good news for you. Dramatic pause. Lectora Online V2.0’s release is scheduled for this fall, and it’s going to be a beauty!…

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The Best of e-Learning in August


August is a pretty big month. It’s National Golf Month, National Catfish Month and Water Quality Month, in addition to including some very important holidays like National Watermelon Day, Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day and Race Your Mouse Day. Here at Your Everything for e-Learning Place, we’ve been busy training our mice…

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Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: Learning Management Systems


The learning management system (LMS) you choose is a pretty big deal when it comes to your online training delivery and tracking, which makes it a perennial hot topic in the e-Learning industry. Give your Google search bar a break—we gathered up a ton of resources about LMSs just for you. Whether you’re choosing your…

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