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Become an e-Learning Rockstar with FREE Templates


Now’s your chance to create rocking e-Learning courses. Buy or renew Lectora® now, and get 1 year FREE access to thousands of awesome graphics in the eLearning Brothers Template Library.  What’s so great about templates? Skip the stress of staring at a blank e-Learning slide. Jumpstart your course development and save time with pre-made templates…

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Color Me Intrigued: e-Learning and the Psychology of Color


Color psychology is a fascinating field. With a little insight into the psychology of color, you can combine colors in your e-Learning course design to invoke certain emotions and engage your learners more. Let’s take a look at a few basic colors and what they represent and what type of e-Learning you might want to…

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Accessible LMS = Happy Learners = Happy Boss = Successful Company


What are the top things you look for in a learning management system? Probably how easily you can learn to use the interface, whether or not the system complies with SCORM or maybe you’re all about the reporting features. Those are all good things to consider, and you can find a few more in our…

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Meet the CourseMill Family


There’s a whole new family over at Your Everything for e-Learning Place. And what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t introduce you? That’s why we created an infographic to help you get to know the CourseMill® family! To learn even more about this exciting family, plus hang out with them a bit, go…

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Knowledge Sharing at Your Business and Why It Matters


Are your employees hoarding knowledge? It’s easy to hoard things. I’m hoarding bobby pins in my purse right now. If you ask nicely I might lend you one, or I might pretend I don’t have any because if I give you my bobby pins, how will I put my hair up later if I need…

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Join the Club—the e-Learning Club


What’s the coolest, most exclusive club you could be in? One of those fancy gold credit cards? A members-only health club? A collegiate secret society? Nope. The club you want to join is a Lectora® User Group! Passionate Lectora users found and run these groups for people like you. Together, you can grow your local…

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Using CSS to Style Your Lectora Course


Are you ready to see just how far you can take your Lectora® e-Learning course? We asked a pro Lectora developer, Tim Kindberg, to share some insight into using CSS to style a Lectora course. Check it out: There are a lot of things that Lectora does for us. However, in the occasional instance where…

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Is Your Authoring Tool the Top Dog?


A few weeks ago, we took you to the e-Learning jungle to examine your LMS’s survival skills. Today, get ready to say “Awww” because we’re taking a look at the characteristics of your authoring tool that would make it the top dog in the e-Learning world. That’s right—puppies galore.  Take your authoring tool for a…

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Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: Accessibility


For today’s trending topic, we’re talking about accessibility. It’s an important topic because you want all your learners to use your online training course comfortably—even if they have disabilities.  Here’s an example. People who are deaf or hard of hearing should be able to see a text transcript of any audio files in your course,…

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Are You Going Mobile the Right Way?


Who’s ready for a mobile adventure? We created an infographic to help you navigate your way through your mobile training endeavors. Take a look, and feel free to share! At Your Everything for e-Learning Place, we have a mobile solution that’s ready to take on your next training adventure! Drop us a line at Info@Lectora.com…

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