The Role of HTML5 in e-Learning

HTML5 - 2013 Sept 30

HTML5 is creating a tidal wave of discussion and excitement in the e-Learning industry. It has massive potential, but e-Learning content developers are still finding their footing with this new language.

Before HTML5, Flash was the reigning king of interactive content. While Flash is still an option, many mobile devices don’t support Flash content. As the mLearning trend gains momentum, many e-Learning developers are looking for non-Flash ways to deliver interactive content and video on mobile devices.

Enter HTML5. HTML5 is the fifth revision of the Hypertext Markup Language used in web development and is supplemented by CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery to create animations and interactive content. Most importantly, it’s compatible with modern browsers and mobile devices. Developing with HTML5 also allows for device detection, where your content is automatically resized to fit the screen size of your learner’s specific device.

A big concern in the e-Learning industry is the learning curve involved in developing Flash-like content using HTML5. Because it’s new, e-Learning developers aren’t as experienced with it. However, when you use an authoring tool like Lectora® Inspire or the cloud-based authoring tool Lectora Online, you don’t have to worry! Lectora has always published to HTML and was the first authoring tool to support HTML5. Published Lectora content automatically detects if Flash or HTML5 media support is present and dynamically chooses the appropriate method at run time. There’s no need to publish twice as it adjusts itself automatically. Because of this, you can be confident that your e-Learning content will look fabulous on all devices and provide a great experience for your learners!

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