Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: Gamification

Gamification - 2013 Sept 19

This Thursday, the trending topic is Gamification! Gamification makes learning more engaging by using game mechanics and game thinking in a non-game context—like e-Learning courses. Statistics show that gamification can lead to a 100% to 150% pickup in engagement metrics.

If you’re looking to join the gamification trend, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover awesome tips that will help you gamify and add engagement your next e-Learning course:

  1. Read these blogs and learn great tips for gamification that will engage your learners:
  2. Download this sample e-Learning course and learn several methods to create games, including Lectora’s built-in interactive games and your own custom games built from actions and variables: Intro to Gaming Course
  3. Watch this video and learn how to use variables to keep score in an interactive game in your e-Learning course: Use Variables to Keep a Score in Lectora
  4. Use this how-to course for helpful step-by-step instructions on how to keep your learners updated on their progress during a game: Progress Bar

Now that you’ve got the scoop on gamification—plus tons of valuable resources—you’re ready to gamify your next e-Learning course.

Stay tuned for more Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topics, where we provide all the resources you need for the latest e-Learning trends!

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