Storyboarding - 2013 Dec 4

Taking the time to storyboard out your e-Learning can actually make you more efficient, although it may seem counter-intuitive at first. Storyboarding is the e-Learning equivalent of creating a grocery list. With a grocery list, you are a shopping machine. You make a beeline for the items you know you need and avoid being lured into side trips down the candy aisle. Without a grocery list, you’re wandering around trying to remember if you’re out of eggs and how much cereal is left in the box. In the end, you buy a bunch of items you don’t need and forget the one thing you really needed most—like milk. Then you have to make an extra trip back just for milk.

The same thing happens when you don’t storyboard your e-Learning. You end up creating unnecessary slides and confusing sequences or forgetting what’s most important. And that creates more work for you, whereas if you storyboard first, you know exactly what to build. And for that, you deserve a cookie! (Oh wait, I forgot to pick those up at the store… Guess you’re out of luck!)

Check out these helpful storyboarding resources and never waste time during e-Learning development again!

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Stephanie Ivec graduated from Creighton University with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising. When she’s not writing about e-Learning, Stephanie can be found perfecting cheesecake recipes and going to zumba or dance class.