What Took Hours, Now Takes Minutes with New Lectora V11.3

Lectora V11.3 - 2013 Nov 11

Lectora® Version 11.3 has tons of new features and enhancements to help you save time in your e-Learning development! Discover the time-saving benefits of the enhanced status tracking features:

  • Implement better instructional design with added control for conditional branching based on your learner’s progress.
  • Significantly reduce development time with built-in tracking, new actions and conditions.
  • Build dynamic and custom pages with new status objects and options.

Built-In Completion Status Tracking
Track where your learners have been and control access, navigation and conditional branching. Lectora will now automatically monitor which chapters, sections, tests, surveys and pages have been visited by your learners. For each of these items, Lectora will know whether it is Not Started, In Progress or Completed. With this information, you will be able to execute conditional actions based on the completion status.

Example: Show “Completed Text” if all Pages in the Section have been visited.


With Lectora V11.3

Set Completion Status Action
Control completion status based on your learner’s interactions and comprehension. You can use the new Set Completion Status action, in addition to Lectora’s automatic monitoring, to override the status for a specific chapter, section or page.

Example: Set a Page to “Completed” only when the learner has finished viewing a video.


With Lectora V11.3

Status Indicator Object
Display your learner’s progress in the course. The new Status Indicator object lets you easily display the current status of chapters, sections, tests, surveys and pages based on the learner’s interaction with your content. Choose from Lectora’s 12 stock Status Indicators or use your own custom images. Status Indicators will dynamically change to display what is Not Started, In Progress or Completed. You can also choose to include status indicators within the Table of Contents and Menu objects.

Example: Build a “Completion Status” page to display which pages have been viewed.

Final Completion Status Page

Stock Status Indicators

Watch this video to learn more about Status Tracking and all the new features of Lectora V11.3:

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