Why You Need an LMS

LMS - 2014 April 14

Online learners today can read blogs, browse Twitter, participate in Wikis, turn to social networks, watch videos and more, accessing valuable information about any subject. The opportunities are endless. So why do you need a learning management system? Why not just let learners find what they need on their own?

Take a second to consider just how much content is competing for your attention in your Facebook news feed…

Okay, that was fifteen minutes, not one second. See how easy it was to get sucked in to the different cat videos and political memes that appear online every day? Do you want your learners to be refreshing their knowledge of job tasks, or seeing how small of a box Maru the cat can fit in? Here’s a hint: it’s a very small box, and knowing that won’t improve your bottom line at all. So help your learners out by sifting through the internet and offering the best of the best through your LMS.

Centralized Knowledge Hub
Using an LMS offers your learners a centralized knowledge hub and an easy way to access what they need, whenever they need it. With an LMS like Lectora® Express – The Easy LMS, you can share informal content like video, web-based content and more, along with formal e-Learning content. A more full-featured LMS like CourseMill® LMS also offers you excellent tracking and delivery of formal e-Learning content. No matter what your organization needs, you can find an LMS to fit!

When you use an LMS, you also get software that:

  • Provides a streamlined learning delivery process
  • Holds student-instructor communications all in one place
  • Makes grading easy
  • Offers students 24/7 access to resources
  • Reduces photocopying and paper waste
  • Supports many types of media
  • Tracks compliance training completion and scores
  • Encourages independent learning

Want to take the leap and get started with a learning management system? You can start a 30-day trial of Lectora Express or CourseMill LMS now!

Want some tips for choosing an LMS? Use this checklist or read our whitepaper: Factors to Consider When Choosing an LMS.

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