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CourseMill LMS - Hosted gives you the simple course management
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We host your eLearning for you and get you up and running quickly

When you choose CourseMill LMS - Hosted, you leave behind technical implementation because we do it for you—in less than a day! With no software to install or servers to buy, you can start tracking and managing your e-Learning right away. You’ll even get 24/7 support, security and monitoring—all at a low monthly price.

Your fully custom LMS

Use your own branding and logo and choose the features that are right for your organization. CourseMill learning management system provides support for mobile delivery, AICC and SCORM compliance, eCommerce, MySQL database and 3rd party content. You can also integrate classroom-based training for a blended learning approach for even greater flexibility.

  • Customizable Templates for News Page

    Welcome your learners with an engaging, informational news page easily created from one of our customizable Lectora templates.

Simple eLearning tracking and reporting

Our sleek new interface and easy-to-use tools make tracking and reporting your eLearning a breeze.

Enhanced User Interface

Find everything you need much faster and much easier with the new intuitive interface.

  • Calendar View for Learners and Instructors

    Learners and instructors can both easily view their eLearning courses in a monthly calendar snapshot including due dates.

Course management is simplified in CourseMill LMS with an enhanced user interface.


Use a variety of helpful reports to track and manage your online training including new graphs, administrative and curriculum reports.

Use a variety of reports to track and manage your online training.


Course management is made easy with reminders and notifications that will keep both you and your learners organized and up to date.

Course management made easy with reminders and notifications.

To see all the features in the NEW CourseMill 6.8 SP2 click here or visit the Product Features Tab.

CourseMill LMS - The Simplest Way to Host & Manage Your eLearning

We’ll handle the setup and host your content on our servers so you can deliver, manage and track your eLearning with our affordable learning management system


CourseMill 6.8 SP2 Features

Active Directory SSO (Single Sign On)

CourseMill LMS - Hosted now supports SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) environment and Web server integrated authentication.

Exempt Course Status

Gradebook now provides an Exempt status. This, in conjunction with the Gradebook comments, provides administrators a simple way to list and report on exempted students.

Re-enrollment Notice

When the system automatically re-enrolls a student in a course, the action is noted in the Gradebook and appears in the student’s transcript.

Approval Process

Students who have been denied enrollment will receive an Approval Denial notification.

E-commerce Shopping Cart

If ecommerce is enabled, the Shopping Cart icon along with the words, “Check Out” appear in the upper right of the page. There must be Curriculums or Courses with a dollar amount set for it to display the Shopping cart icon.

Greater Integration Capabilities

Easily integrate and access the new Lectora Talent Management and Lectora Mobile features directly from CourseMill.

NEW Organization Properties
Lectora Mobile

Only visible if you have set the MaxMobileUsers manage property.

•  Enable Org for use with Lectora Mobile – turns on/off the ability to define the number of users in the organization that access the Lectora Mobile features:

  • Max Allowed Mobile Users – defines the number of users in the organization that can access the Lectora Mobile features. This number must be larger than the value displayed for Current Lectora Mobile Users and less than the number of remaining Lectora Mobile Users that have not been allocated across all other organizations.

  • Current Lectora Mobile Users – displays the number of users within the Organization that have been enabled for Lectora Mobile use.

  • Active System-Wide Lectora Mobile Users – displays the total number of defined Lectora Mobile Users across all Organizations and the total number of Lectora Mobile Users allowed for the entire system.

Lectora Talent Management

Only visible if you have set MaxTalentMgmtUsers and configured the TalentMgmtURL.

•  Enable Org for use with Lectora Talent Management – turns on/off the ability to define the number of users in the organization that access the Lectora Talent Management features:

  • Max Allowed Talent Mgmt Users – defines the number of users in the organization that access the Lectora Talent Management features. This number must be larger than the value displayed for Current Talent Management Users and less than the number of remaining Lectora Talent Management Users that have not been allocated across all other organizations.

  • Current Talent Management Users displays the number of users within the Organization that have been enabled for Lectora Talent Management Use.

  • Active System-Wide LTM Users – displays the total number of defined Lectora Talent Management Users across all Organizations and the total number of Lectora Talent Management Users allowed for the entire system.

NEW Course Settings

If Lectora Talent Management is enabled for the system and the organization has allowed Lectora Talent Management access, a new course property is displayed:

Lectora Talent Management Course Type – displays the type of course for use with the Talent Management profiles. Currently only “e-Learning” (default) and “Instructor Led Training” types are supported.

NEW User Settings

If Lectora Talent Management or Lectora Mobile are enabled and defined for the current organization, a new tab “Access” appears on the User Details screen:

Lectora Mobile

User can access content through Lectora Mobile – selecting this option enables the user to access content via Lectora Mobile.

Mobile Access Code – defines the authentication code that users need to use when registering their mobile devices with the Lectora Mobile server.

Last Mobile Sync – displays the timestamp of the last time that the user's mobile device reported information to the Lectora Mobile server.

Lectora Talent Management

User can access his/her role profile through Lectora Talent Management – selecting this option enables the user to access the Lectora Talent Management portal from the student interface.

Talent Management Role – the defined role of the user in the Lectora Talent Management system.

Also, new search options are available through the Manage Users screen under “More Options” that allow you to search for users either with or without the Lectora Mobile User and Lectora Talent Management User settings enabled. In addition, you can search for a specific Mobile Access Code or Talent Management Role.

Import Load Enhancements

CourseStatus – allows you to set what status you want when importing course enrollments/completions. Can set any valid SCORM course status plus exempted.

MobileUser or MobileUserFlag – flag to indicate a student is authorized to use Lectora Mobile capabilities.

MobileUserActivation or MobileActivation – mobile user activation code.

TalentMgmtUser or TalentMgmtUserFlag – flag to indicate a student is authorized to use Lectora Talent Management capabilities.

TalentMgmtProfile – profile for the student as defined within Lectora Talent Management.

NEW System Settings

CourseMill administrators have further customization capabilities with the additional system properties below. Modify these system properties by selecting Manage Properties from the Admin Tasks.

AverageFinalScoreForStudents – Setting that causes the score displayed for a student to be the average of only included final scores (default = false). For example, if a student has scores of 100, 90 and an in-progress score of 50, the score for the course will be shown as 95 instead of 80.

LDAPUseJNDI – Internal setting that tells CourseMill to use the Java Naming and Directory Interface when performing Active Directory validations instead of more traditional lookup methods (default = true).

CalendarReminderTime – Setting that sets the calendar alarm warning notice prior to the beginning of a scheduled class starting time (default = 15 minutes).

AuditTrailRetain – Setting that determines how long Audit Trail records will be saved in the system (default = 365 days).

HideTalentMgmt – Specifies whether to hide the Lectora Talent Management tab on the student and administrative interfaces (default = true).

TalentMgmtWindowHeight – Specifies the height of the Lectora Talent Management tab content displayed in the student interface (default = 500).

ForceTalentMgmt – Specifies whether to force students to go to the Lectora Talent Management tab when they first log in (default = false).

TalentMgmtURL – Specifies the URL of the page that is displayed in the student’s Lectora Talent Management tab.

HideMobile – Specifies whether or not to hide the Lectora Mobile information on the student and administrative interfaces (default = true).

MaxTalentMgmtUsers – The total number of users that can be set up to use Lectora Talent Management across all organizations.

MaxMobileUsers – The total number of users that can be set up to use Lectora Mobile across all organizations.

CSS Changes

home.css - Added min-width to div.homeBodyGrpText.

Duplicate Organizations

Save time by creating a Master Organizational template to easily duplicate for each new Organization you create.

Customizable Templates for News Page

Welcome your learners with an engaging, informational news page easily created from one of our customizable Lectora templates.

Calendar View for Learners and Instructors

Save time by creating a Master Organizational template to easily duplicate for each new Organization you create.

Document Version Tracking

Documents in the My Courses and Community tabs will display an indicator for all new documents for learners to view.

Automated Re-enrollment at the Course Level

Now, you can set a course to automatically re-enroll a learner after a specified number of days. This is great for required compliance courses that learners must repeat.

Due Date Indicator for Course Completion

Courses with upcoming completion or expiration dates are now highlighted on the My Courses page.

New Learner Information Columns

Track your unique data in one of eight configurable information columns for learners in the new Personal Info tab.

Document Gradebook Modifications

Instructors can leave comments for the learner when they make changes to a score or status in the online gradebook.

Terms Of Use Acceptance Date

Record when the learner accepts the Terms of Use policy. This date is included in the import and export of batch user data.

Expanded User Permissions

These permissions allow for deeper segmentation of user access to various functions of CourseMill including Session creation, Gradebook availability and User Password updates.

Set User Access to General Reports

Each report in the General Reports section allows the administrator to identify which type of users may see the report in their menu.

Report Printing

This “green” feature of CourseMill allows users to reduce the number of columns printed on each page by SubOrg or Personal Info columns.

Additional Customization Options

CourseMill LMS administrators now have even more customization capabilities with the additional system properties below:

  • AllowUserToUpdateAdditionalInfo

    Specifies whether a learner can update the eight additional personal information columns on the learner record.

  • DueDateApproachingDays

    Specifies when to notify the learner of an approaching due date.

  • DueDatePassedDays

    Specifies when to notify the learner of a passed due course.

  • DueDateWarningThresholdDays

    Specifies when the due date indicator will appear in the learners’ My Course tab.

  • HideCalendar

    Specifies whether to hide the Calendar tab on the learner interface.

  • HideScoreFromStudents

    Specifies whether to hide the overall course score from learners in their list of courses and in their transcripts.

  • IncludeReasonForGradebookChanges

    Specifies whether to display the Comment field associated with a gradebook modification to a learner’s score or status in the online gradebook.

  • NormalizeScoreForStudents

    Specifies whether to normalize the score to a maximum of 100 for the entire course for courses with multiple items that contribute to the overall score.

  • RecordTermsOfUseDateForExistingUsers

    Specifies whether to force all existing users in the database to accept the Terms of Use policy the next time they log in to the system so that this date can be recorded in each learner’s profile. By default, self-registering learners automatically records the TermsOfUse acceptance date as the time the learner self-enrolls.

  • ShowGradebookCommentsToStudents

    Specifies whether to display comments made to modifications in the online gradebook when he or she views their transcript.

  • SummarizeCourseInfoFieldsOnReports

    Specifies which additional course information columns to add to the learner transcript (both detailed and summary) and to the Credit Hours report. For example, SummarizeCourseInfoFieldsOnReports=1,2 will add the CourseAddedInfo1 and CourseAddedInfo2 columns in the learner transcript and the Credit Hours report as long as the columns contain numbers. Note that the order of the numbers in the property determines the order that the columns are added. The course must have credit hours defined for the courses in question; otherwise, the reports will not update. When the reports run, the summarized columns appear to the right of the Credit Hours columns in the Credit Hours report.

All Features

For Your Learners

Intuitive Interface

Students and instructors experience greater ease of use and faster load time with the new Web 2.0 intuitive interface.

Mobile Support

Now students can take courses on the go by accessing them directly from their iPhone/iPod, Android, Palm WebOS, Garmin Nuvi, Maemo Tablet and most smart phones. Blackberry users should use a browser such as Bolt rather than the proprietary Blackberry browser.

Blended Learning Support

Instructor-led training can be scheduled directly into CourseMill LMS which automatically places the registered course names and dates in each learner’s course calendar.

Multi-Language Support

With the multi-language version of CourseMill LMS, learners have the convenient option to use eight different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, and Mandarin) within CourseMill. By purchasing the multi-language version for a small add-on fee, you will ensure that your learners can use CourseMill in their language of choice!

Robust Notification Features

Students are conveniently notified via email of course and curriculum milestones such as their course enrollment, a reminder 7 days before the start of the course and much more. Notification emails include convenient features such as a direct link to CourseMill with an embedded UserID and Password, allowing automatic log-on as well.

Personal Calendar Integration

Integrate session enrollment notifications with personal calendars such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Google, Lotus Notes, and iCal.

Automatic Calendar Updates

CourseMill LMS provides easy organization and reminders with a course calendar that automatically updates course information for instructor-led sessions, online courses and displays upcoming due dates of classes that have not yet been completed.

Report Cards

Students can conveniently track their course history and grades by viewing their own report cards that can include the number of credit hours earned through the successful completion of each course.

Advanced Quick Search

Students can quickly find whatever they need and filter search terms by course, curriculum, instructors and other search terms. Students can also search for and find courses more quickly and easily by utilizing popular key words and phrases (requires that courses include the keyword tags for this to function).

Automatic Student Registration

Students can quickly register for courses as well as view course names, descriptions, and notes in one centralized location. You can also assign students to a course based on their organizational grouping.

Student Self Unregister

Students can unregister themselves from self-registered courses, thus relieving Administrators and Instructors from this task.

Self Registering Course Preview

Students can conveniently preview self-registering courses in the Course Catalog (if no shopping cart) so they can get a better understanding of the course before self-registration.

Convenient Internal and External Email Capabilities

Students can conveniently email their instructor through CourseMill without the use of an external email program or their own personal email address.

Interactive Course/Session Discussion Board

Students can post their comments and questions to share with colleagues and instructors. They can also quickly search through forums with the simple click of a button to find the course topic oftheir choice.

Real Time Chat

Live, real-time discussion forums with colleagues and instructors promote idea sharing, social networking, and user interaction among learners.

Instant Messaging

With a built-in instant messaging feature, learners can engage in a one-on-one dialogue with instructors and colleagues.

For Instructors


Administrators and Instructors can easily create curricula by bundling courses together to create learning tracks with multiple courses.

Curriculum Prerequisites

Set up curriculum prerequisites to require students to take specific curricula before moving on to the next.

Easy Tracking of Instructor - Led Training

The integration of classroom and online training is now quick and easy with CourseMill learning management system, saving instructors and administrators time and effort. Quickly search for instructor-led training completion status and scores.

Multiple Instructors per Course

Any number of instructors can now teach a course which provides more convenient course management and added flexibility.

Compliance Status Reports

Easily complete compliance reporting by instantly running reports on the completion status of courses. See the status for specific students and/or courses and view access dates. Easily filter out all information by desired subject and export the reports directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

Interactions Reports

Instructors can view detailed information on certain questions and have the ability to view the specific learner’s answers to desired questions. This enables one to see how difficult specific questions are for students. Interactions reports are now easier to read with a new layout and organization that shows counts of answers to each question.

Scores Reports

Instructors can quickly view each student’s individual scores on specific courses.

GradeBook Reports

Instructors can stay organized with an easy-to-read scoring system by utilizing a traditional gradebook style of reporting to display test scores and status.

Custom Reports

Instructors can request custom reports in CourseMill and export them to Microsoft Excel, saving time and effort.

Automatic Reporting

Automatically run or emailed reports at select intervals. You can filter reports further by selecting one or multiple organizational values.

Interactive Course Bulletin Board

Instructors can stay connected with their learners by conveniently creating and posting course bulletin boards. They can receive feedback and questions about courses and easily post replies.

Simple Document Posting & Sharing

Save time and effort by posting and sharing course-related documents with learners.

Real Time Chat

Instructors can engage in live, real-time discussion forums with learners to promote idea sharing, social networking, and user interaction.

Instant Messaging

Instructors can easily engage in one-on-one dialogue with learners via the built-in instant messaging feature.

Time Saving Email Capabilities

Instructors can send bulk emails and bulk reports to students directly in CourseMill or through an external email program such as Microsoft Outlook.

Convenient Email Templates

Convenient Email Templates By using the notification templates built by the administrator, instructors can save time and effort by using the same format and text for their course notifications.

Printable Class Roster

Instructors can print a hard copy of the class sign-up sheet in order to quickly and easily view the students’ names and confirm attendance of each.

Course and Curriculum Percentage Status

Instructors can view the percentage of completion for each student to easily see how far a student is through a specified course or curriculum.

Enhanced Bulk Registration

Save time and effort by using additional data in bulk registration such as physical addresses, phone numbers, organizational categories, reporter assignments, course enrollment specifications and completion scores.

Expanded Registration

Automatically collect personal contact information about students during registration.

Maximum Class Size

Eliminate overfilled classes by setting a maximum number of students allowed per Course,before logging them into a wait list.

Session-Specific Notification Information

Include session-specific information such as session notes and meeting days in automatic course/session notifications.

Advanced Quick Search

Quickly search information about students, courses and curricula by course ID, name, description or email. This makes organization, course management and administration fast and easy.

Customizable Learner Data

Conveniently customize learner for greater organization and ease of use. View, sort and track data based on any or all categories.

Extensive Database Compliance

CourseMill LMS provides added convenience and flexibility by supporting a wide range of databases and learning management standards, such as SCORM, AICC, Disconnected SCORM, non-SCORM courses, and database integration.

Easy Course Disable

Previously completed course sessions will automatically inactivate.

No Plug-in Required

CourseMill LMS is completely free of the requirement for client-side Java, which eliminates the need for students to have Java installed on their computers.

Student/Instructor Toggle Modes

Instructors can toggle to student views enabling them to see courses and course organization from the learner’s perspective.

Recurring Sessions

Instructors can save time by scheduling recurring course sessions.

Online Help

FInd answers to CourseMill LMS questions by clicking the Help button to access contextual help information regarding CourseMill features and functionality.

For Reporters

Supervisor/Manager Reporting

Assign reporters to students in particular curricula or courses to enable them to view reports and track the status and success of their employees.

Student Registration

Reporters can conveniently enroll and un-enroll students that are assigned to them. Also, reporters can be given permission to approve course registrations for students that are assigned to them.

Transcript Reports

Reporters can view the history of all students to see what courses were taken, what scores they received, how long it took them to complete each course, and more.

Automatic Status Reports

Reporters can receive automatically-generated status reports via email, on selected days.

Enhanced Custom Reports

Administrators can create and generate custom reports for reporters and instructors. These custom reports use predefined variables to select and tailor the information. .

Reporter Import Field

Administrators can assign Reporters to specific students by instantly adding Reporter names when importing student information.

Automatic Data Archiving

Reporters save time by only sorting through the most recent data when reviewing reports. Older records are automatically archived, making it faster to run and view reports.

For Administrators

One Day Installation

CourseMill application installation on the hardware only takes one day or less, thus making CourseMill the perfect solution for those who want to get their LMS up and running immediately. Further implementation, setup and training depends on the client’s schedule.

Data Organization and Categorizing

Organize data in any format you choose, such as department or region, making running reports easy and more meaningful.

Easily Import SCORM and AICC Compliant Content

SCORM, AICC and Disconnected SCORM content can be imported directly into CourseMill with the simple click of a button, enabling quick and easy setup of courses.

LDAP Support

CourseMill enables data transfer from Enterprise Resource Systems, such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and others.

Shopping Cart/eCommerce Support

Merchant processing is available for students to purchase courses through the CourseMill interface. This feature is optional and supports PayPal, PayTrace and PayFlowPro.

Active Directory Support

CourseMill provides network security through user authentication with your organization’s Active Directory, thus making CourseMill even more safe and secure.

Convenient Internal and External Email Capabilities

Administrators can set up the email interface to work with an external email program or use CourseMill’s internal email system for notifications and communications between students and instructors.

Course and Curriculum Duration

Establish expiration dates for courses purchased online .These expiration dates will not allow the student to have access after a specific period of time from the date of purchase.

Internal Cost Tracking

Adminstrators can assign a “cost value” for courses which enables departments and organizations to track and allocate internal training costs.

Course Discounts

Administrators can create discount codes for courses and curricula offered for purchase. These codes can include either a specific dollar amount discount or a fixed percentage discount of the overall cost.

Auto-Enroll Curricula

Administrators can set up curriculula to automatically enroll students in a particular organizational category.

Dynamic Sub-Org Fields

Organizational categories can be interdependent, allowing selection of their values to be dynamically determined based on values selected for previous categories.

Practical Administrator Course Preview

Courses can be previewed immediately after importing, ensuring they work correctly.

Convenient Course Prerequisites

Administrators can specify course prerequisites, providing greater security and standards for their organization.

Import Courses to a Remote Content Server

Course content can reside on a separate server from the CourseMill LMS Server, which increases the flexibility to house content across multiple servers.

Online Help

Answers to CourseMill questions can be found by clicking the Help button to access contextual help information about CourseMill features and functionality.

Simple User Deactivation

Deactivate or archive users to ensure content is there for future use.

Tech Specs

Learn what you need to get started with CourseMill LMS - Hosted

Languages Supported. CourseMill LMS - Hosted supports the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian - Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Hungarian
  • Polish

CourseMill LMS - Hosted Specifications


  • Triple data backup
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and server health team response
  • Managed security
  • Software upgrades, patches and updates
  • Domain name services
  • System administration

Server Software:

  • Custom operating system: Windows 2003 Server or Unix
  • Core Services: http, ftp, ssh and mail (POP, IMAP, SMTP)

Server Hardware:

  • Flexible configurations
  • Industry-leading hardware solutions
  • Unsurpassed power and reliability
  • 24/7/365 hardware monitoring
  • Immediate repair or replacement of faulty components

Global Tier 1 Network:

  • High capacity backbone (OC3, OC12, OC48)
  • More direct paths, routing options and peering points = fewer hops and faster response
  • Private and public peering
  • 24/7/365 connectivity monitoring
  • Built-in redundancies
  • Excellent engineering support services

Premier Data Center:

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • 24/7/365 data center monitoring
  • Redundant connections to system backbone
  • Secured environment
  • Redundant, uninterruptible power supplies
  • Fire detection/suppression systems

Supported Browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or greater
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or greater
  • Google Chrome 2.0 or greater
  • Apple Safari 2.0 or greater

eLearning Standards. CourseMill LMS is compliant with SCORM and AICC standards for interoperability:

  • The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
  • The Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee (AICC)


Frequently asked questions about CourseMill LMS - Hosted

CourseMill LMS - Hosted

What languages does CourseMill support?

The multi-language version of CourseMill supports: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, and Spanish.

Does CourseMill support single sign-on?

Yes. CourseMill can be configured to support single sign-on with the use of Microsoft Active Directory™.

Can I provide my course catalog from CourseMill?

Yes. You can specify whether courses are available within a course catalog, whether courses must be approved by a manager before a student is enrolled, and whether courses are automatically assigned to a student or group of students.

Can I host non-Lectora-generated content within CourseMill?

Yes. Elearning content published from any application to the AICC or SCORM 1.2 standards can be hosted within CourseMill.

Can I track instructor-led training within CourseMill?

Yes. CourseMill supports a student gradebook that can be accessed by instructors for manually tracking the completion of instructor-led training.

Can I customize the CourseMill interface?

Yes. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Can CourseMill support the use of a shopping cart?

Yes. CourseMill supports the integration of a shopping cart that enables students to purchase courses from within a course catalog. You can configure credit-card processing to use PayPal®, PayTrace, or Payflow Pro. You can even establish discount codes to provide specific dollar or percentage discounts that can be applied during the checkout process.

Can courses have prerequisites?

Yes. One course can be a prerequisite of another. If a student is registered for a course with a prerequisite, he or she will not be able to access the course until the prerequisite course has been successfully completed.

Does CourseMill support curriculums?

Yes. You can group a set of courses into a curriculum. When a student is registered for a curriculum, he or she is automatically registered for all of the courses within the curriculum.

How do I get all of my users into the CourseMill system?

CourseMill supports both self-registration and bulk upload. You can bulk upload users and their user data into CourseMill using a comma-separated value (CSV) file, or you can allow users to self register within the system. When self registration is enabled, users will be able to create an account for access.

Can CourseMill be used as an email client?

Yes. You can configure CourseMill to use internal or external email. When internal email is used, CourseMill will serve as an email client and users must log in to CourseMill to send and receive messages. When external email is used, each user account is associated with an existing email address, and messages generated by and sent from the CourseMill system will be delivered to the recipients’ existing email addresses.

Can I control communication capabilities within CourseMill?

Yes. You can control which students communicate with one another and how they can communicate. You can limit communication capabilities to the students within a specific session of a course, to all students enrolled in a course, or extend them to all students registered within the organization. Communication options include chat and IM capabilities, discussion boards, and email.

Can CourseMill send automatic notifications?

Yes. CourseMill provides a number of automatic notifications that are delivered as emails. You can configure automatic notifications to be sent to a student when he/she is enrolled in or removed from a course, when he/she has successfully completed a course, when he/she has been added to or removed from a wait list for a course, and 7 days prior to the start of a course.

What kind of reporting capabilities does CourseMill have?

CourseMill provides a number of predefined reports that enable you to generate course-specific reports, user-specific reports, transcripts, grade reports and more. CourseMill also provides the ability to run custom reports. Custom reports must first be created by your database administrator before they can be accessed from CourseMill. Reports can be generated manually or can be scheduled to run weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Who hosts the CourseMill system?

You can choose whether you want to implement CourseMill as a hosted solution provided by Lectora, or whether you want to install CourseMill for access behind your own firewall. By letting Lectora host your CourseMill solution, we will ensure your system is kept up to date and is backed up regularly. Should you choose to install CourseMill behind your own firewall, you will be responsible for backing up your own data and installing system updates as necessary.

Can CourseMill users serve in more than one role?

Yes. For example, an instructor might also be a student. The instructor will continue to have the capability to modify information pertaining to courses to which they are assigned an instructor, while also being able to enroll in and complete other available courses. Users will always use their single, unique User ID to log in to CourseMill.

What types of user access are available within CourseMill?

There are 7 basic roles in which users of CourseMill can serve. Below is a brief summary of the user roles and their permissions within CourseMill:

  • Administrator - Has full control over the system and can make changes as necessary.
  • Organization Administrator- Has full control over the organization to which he or she is assigned.
  • Instructor - Has control over all course information and contents that pertain to the course to which he or she has been assigned as the instructor.
  • Session Instructor – Has control over session settings for a course session to which he or she has been assigned as the instructor.
  • Reporter/Manager - Can access CourseMill to generate various reports when specific reporting permissions have been granted.
  • Guest - Can log in and view system information but cannot make changes to it
  • Student - Can complete the courses to which they have been enrolled, view their transcripts and access course catalogs and information.

Can Lectora publish to CourseMill?

Yes. You can use both Lectora Publisher and Lectora Online to publish your titles directly to CourseMill. CourseMill can support titles published directly to CourseMill, to AICC, to SCORM 1.2 and to SCORM disconnected.

What is CourseMill?

CourseMill is a Web-based Learning Management System used to host eLearning content, track student completion of courses, and provide access to course catalogs, course details and course reporting.

Live Demo

Good news—we’re now offering this demo as an on-demand, recorded demonstration! That means you can watch it instantly—whenever you want! No more calculating time zone differences or trying to fit it in your work schedule.

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