Lectora Online: e-learning in the Cloud. Web-based collaborative e-Learning authoring tool

Easily create your eLearning online using Lectora Online’s web-based, online course software.


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The Easiest Way to Develop
eLearning in the Cloud

No matter where you are, with online course software you can easily create
and collaboratively review eLearning content using Lectora Online

Easy online development

All you need is an internet connection to get started with Lectora Online. Whether you use a Mac or PC, you can create, review and collaborate with your team anywhere.

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Simple collaboration

Lectora Online makes collaborative eLearning easy. Work with your team of developers, designers and subject matter experts in a different department or different location. Create assignments and track completion throughout the development process – all in real time.

Web-based training software that makes collaboration easy.

Streamlined review

Interact with your team wherever you are to easily review, edit and update your web-based training using Lectora Online eLearning software. Exchange feedback through instant messages, emails and comments all right inside your content.

Review, edit and update your e-Learning courses easily.
Quick and easy development with Lectora Online web-based training software.

Quick & easy development

Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, Lectora makes eLearning simple. Our easy-to-use templates, tools and wizards will help get you up and running quickly.

Endless multimedia

With Lectora, you have access to hundreds of graphics, games, characters and animations in Lectora to grab your learners’ attention. You can even store and organize images, photos, video and other media for your whole team to share and use collaboratively.

Access graphics, games and animations from the media library.
Create custom, interactive e-Learning content in Lectora Online.

Flexible interactivity

Dream big. You can easily create the custom, interactive eLearning content you envision with the powerful tools in Lectora.

Seamless publishing

You don’t have to worry about integration and compatibility. Publish to AICC and SCORM for your LMS, Flash and HTML5 for the web or to a CD without a hassle.

Publish e-Learning courses to HTML5, an LMS, the Web or a CD.
Use a variety of reports to track your online training.

Lectora Express - The Easy LMS NEW

Why wait weeks or months for an LMS when you can get up and running right away? Get started immediately with no installation fees and no hassles! With Lectora® Express, you can deliver, host and track AICC/SCORM e‑Learning content as well as informal content like videos, documents and presentations. It’s the light LMS that is heavy on features.

Simple, Seamless Collaborative eLearning

Discover the power of Lectora to create, collaborate and review – all online

Ease of use

You don’t have to jump through any hoops to get started quickly.
Simply log in wherever you are – from a Mac or PC – and use Lectora Online’s
easy-to-use tools to develop your eLearning in the cloud.

Title Explorer

The Title Explorer is the easiest way to take a step back and see the entire structure of your online course. You can make global changes to your entire course with just a few clicks.

Compatibility with Lectora Desktop

If you have content in Lectora Inspire or Lectora Publisher, it’s easy to import it right into Lectora Online course software.

Simple Collaboration & Review

With Lectora Online, working collaboratively on projects is just easy. You’ll eliminate
the back and forth communication, timely setup and continuous status meetings.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

With just an Internet connection and a web browser, your teams across any location – whether they’re in different departments or different countries – can simultaneously collaborate in the same project.


With online course software it’s easy to exchange feedback with your team through instant message, email and comments – all right within Lectora Online.

User Role Designations

You can assign a certain role to each team member based on their focus during the project and track each user’s edits and comments.

Task Assignment and Tracking

Create assignments for authors, reviewers and project managers and track completion throughout the development cycle.

Automatic Notifications

You don’t have to worry about each step of the development process with Lectora Online web-based training software. Create notifications to receive an email when the project status or assignments change for easy collaborative eLearning.

Version Control

Lectora Online e-Learning software will keep an unlimited number of versions of your content so you can revert back any time. This makes it easy to make changes, get feedback and go back to the original if needed. Lectora Online's version control system ensures there are no conflicts or authoring collisions

Timesaving Tools & Wizards

Spend less time and develop more at rapid speeds. Our tools and wizards
will guide your through the fastest, easiest ways to create eLearning.

PowerPoint Import

If you already have PowerPoint content, why start from scratch? Import your existing file right from Lectora Online and transform it into an interactive and engaging eLearning course.

Animation Wizards

Customize Lectora’s animations to make them your own. This handy wizard will help you develop eye-catching eLearning content in no time.

Progress Bar Tool

Display your learner’s progress in your eLearning course, test or survey.

Table of Contents & Menu Builder

Create customizable table of contents and menus quickly so your learners can navigate with ease.

Translation Tool

Quickly export all the text you would like to translate in Lectora Online eLearning software and import right back into your course. You can even translate ALT tags in published HTML for all your localized content.

Engaging Multimedia

Lectora Online has hundreds of ways to keep your learners engaged and
interested. Find just what you need and pop it right into your content.

Media Library

This is your resource for endless images, games, animations and media. You have everything you need to grab your learners’ attention right at your fingertips. You can even share and store images, photos, videos and other media with your whole team.


Don’t worry about compatibility or functionality - Lectora Online has you covered. We support all major video formats so you can quickly embed, or stream for your online course. You can even play popular videos from YouTube directly in your eLearning content!

Interactivity Made Easy

You don’t have to be an expert to create an interactive learning experience.
Lectora Online gives you the power to create amazing eLearning content and the flexibility to do it easily.

Actions & Variables

Transform ordinary eLearning into powerful, interactive content. Make images and objects appear, disappear, move or do practically anything – it’s like magic.

Pop-ups & Scroll Bars

Make your content pop by simply adding a pop-up window, lightbox or scroll bar to your online course.

Seamless Publishing

Lectora makes it easy to share and publish your eLearning without any issues.
Whether it’s to an LMS, the Web or mobile devices, we have a simple solution.

HTML5 for Mobile Devices

Even if you're just starting out, Lectora Online makes it easy to create and publish mobile content by automatically utilizing HTML5 for published content, when needed


Integrate Lectora Online e-Learning content into your LMS without a hassle. Easily publish your courses to AICC and SCORM with full compatibility.

Multi-Language Content

Need localized content? Publish your courses to all your desired languages at the same time from Lectora Online web-based training software.

508 Compliant Publishing

: Lectora Online's 508 Compliance Checker assists you in creating and publishing accessible online training.

Lectora Express - The Easy LMS NEW

Why wait weeks or months for an LMS when you can get up and running right away? Get started immediately with no installation fees and no hassles! With Lectora® Express, you can deliver, host and track AICC/SCORM eLearning content as well as informal content like videos, documents and presentations. It’s the light LMS that is heavy on features.

Quizzes & Tests

Help your learners achieve the goals of their online training with Lectora Online’s flexible assessment tools.


Create tests and quizzes with a variety of engaging question types including drag and drop and matching.

Create Certificates

Present your learners a certificate upon completion. All you have to do is choose your design and customize.

Helpful Resources

It’s so easy to get started with Lectora Online course software, and we have all the resources
to help you become an expert and create incredible eLearning.

Lectora University

If you want tips and training for Lectora Online course software, this is the place to be. You’ll find hundreds of free resources including video tutorials, webinars and sample courses to inspire new ideas for your eLearning.


Find answers to your questions and inspiration for your next online course in the Lectora Online Community. Connect with Lectora Online users from around the world from beginner to experienced, all ready to help.

Tech Specs

Learn what you need to get started with Lectora Online

Authoring Systems
  • A Windows PC or Macintosh computer connected to the Internet (broadband recommended).
  • *Internet browser – Lectora Online supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or newer and any version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
Viewing Systems
  • Internet-published content is cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, all versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 1.2 and higher.
  • To use the test submittal and form submittal of Lectora Online-published HTML content, Macintosh-based users must ensure their browser supports LiveConnect. LiveConnect enables JavaScript and Java to freely interchange data on a Web site. Windows-based browsers provide LiveConnect support, by default.
Supported Media
  • Audio: WMA, WAV, MID, RMI, AU, MP3, AIFF, FLVASF (streaming audio by Microsoft) or RM (streaming Real Audio)
  • Video: WMV, FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG, MPEG, RM, RAM, ASF (streaming video by Microsoft) or RM (streaming Real Video)
  • Documents: RTF, TXT Other: Shockwave, SWF, Java, Javascript, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion
  • Lectora Online supports Flash (SWF) content produced natively by Flash, or by other products such as Captivate, Camtasia, etc.
Import Options
  • PKG files: Titles exported from Lectora (desktop) or Lectora Online as package files can be imported into Lectora Online as new titles.
  • PPT files: MS PowerPoint 2000, 2003 and 2007 presentations can be imported into Lectora Online to create new titles.
*Drag and drop functionality will require Google Gears to be installed if using either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari. Microsoft and PowerPoint are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other names, trademarks, or service marks are properties of their respective owners.


Frequently asked questions about Lectora Online

Lectora Online

What kind of published formats are supported?

Titles you create with Lectora Online can be published to the Web, or to a Web-based AICC- or SCORM-conformant learning management system (SCORM 2004, 1.2 and earlier are supported). Titles that include tests and questions that are published to a Learning Management System (LMS) will automatically send test results to the LMS.

How do I change my user information such as my password or email address?

Select Account Settings at the top-right corner of the Lectora Online dashboard to access your user account information. Only the fields that are enabled can be changed. Make the appropriate changes as necessary and click Save to save your changes.

How can I give a reviewer or subject-matter expert access to a title?

Reviewers within Lectora Online can view titles that have been shared with them, but cannot make any changes to the title. You can add as many reviewers as you want. To add a reviewer, click Manage Titles on the Lectora Online dashboard. Select the shared title to which you want to add a reviewer. If the title has not yet been shared, you must share the title before you can add a reviewer to it. On the right side of the window, click the Add Reviewer button and specify the appropriate information for the reviewer. The reviewer will receive an automatically delivered email notifying him or her of the request to review a title, along with the appropriate access information for Lectora Online.

When I am done making changes to a shared title, how do I integrate my changes?

After you have made changes to a shared title, you must check in your changes so they are reflected in the most recent version of the title. When you check in your changes, other users can then access the portion of the title on which you had been working. To check in your changes, select the object in the left-hand pane that is checked out. A green square around the object icon indicates that you have the object checked out. Right-click on the object and select Version Control > Check In. Use the comment field to describe the changes you have made and click OK.

How do I edit a shared title?

Once a title has been shared, Lectora Online’s version control system is enabled. Because multiple users have access to the title, Lectora Online will manage the changes that are made to the title, and ensure that all users are working on the most up-to-date version of it. To edit a shared title, you must check out the portion of the title you want to edit. Open the shared title and select the object in the left-hand pane that you want to edit. This can be the entire title, a chapter, a page or even just an object like an image. Right-click on the object in the left-hand pane and select Version Control > Check Out. Now that you have the object checked out, you can begin working on it. When you have an object checked out, no other user will be able to edit that object.

How do I share a title with other users?

Select Manage Titles from the Lectora Online dashboard to make a title accessible to other users. Within your My Titles folder, select the title you want to share and click the Share button. Use the controls on the right side of the window to add to the list of team members that can access the title. Only those team members listed will have the ability to access the title.

Is Lectora Online available as a behind-the-firewall solution?

Yes. You can install Lectora Online on your own cluster of servers to make it accessible within your organization’s firewall. Contact your sales representative for additional information.

Is my content within Lectora Online backed up?

Yes. Your data is backed up to a storage unit nightly, in encrypted, compressed form. Data can be restored by the system administrator at the title level, the user level, or for an entire organization if necessary.

What do I need to use Lectora Online?

Lectora Online can be accessed online at lectoraonline.com through your favorite Web browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer (IE 7 or later), Mozilla® FireFox®, or Apple Safari®. An Internet connection and a valid User ID is all you need.

Can I store media such as logos, images and flash animations using Lectora Online?

Yes. Lectora Online’s integrated media library enables you to store and share media that can be added to your titles. All users within your organization can upload media objects to the media library. The media is then accessible to all users within your organization and can be quickly added to any title.

Can I drag-and-drop media files into Lectora Online titles?

Yes, you can drag and drop media files from your desktop directly into Lectora Online. Files can also be dragged to and from the Media Library Organizer. Drag and drop functionality is automatically available without any plug-ins when using Firefox and Chrome. To use this functionality with Safari and Internet Explorer, you must install Google Gears.

Can I publish content and media to mobile or tablet devices?

Yes. Lectora Online includes HTML5 media support which enables media to be viewed on mobile and tablet devices.

Can I use my Lectora Publisher created titles with Lectora Online?

Yes. You can export titles created in Lectora Publisher, and import them into Lectora Online, and vice versa. Lectora Publisher Version 9 and later supports these features. If you do not have Version 9 or later, download and install the import/export tool (XferToolInstall.exe) from the downloads page. The tool can be installed for use with Lectora Publisher 2008 or later.

Is my content within Lectora Online secure?

Yes. Only you and the members of your private organization can access content – both media and titles – that you store within Lectora Online. All data is stored in a SQL database on a database server internal to the Lectora Online server cluster that is accessible only from the Lectora Online application server. The files are never stored directly to a disk file that can be accessed externally.

What is Lectora Online and how does it differ from Lectora Publisher?

Lectora Online is a Web-based solution that enables you and your selected team of users to create, manage and store your content. It includes the popular creation and publishing tools from Lectora Publisher, but also enables teams of users to work concurrently on a single title, without having to maintain multiple versions of it. Use Lectora Online to streamline the development of your Web-based projects by assigning specific tasks to team members, tracking the completion of those tasks, updating the status of a title (for example from development to test), and making content available to reviewers without having to publish or export the title to another format.

Lectora® Online

Live Product Demonstration

Discover the easiest way to develop eLearning content in the
cloud with Lectora Online web-based authoring tool

Discover the easiest way to develop eLearning content in the
cloud with Lectora Online web-based authoring tool

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