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CourseMill Mobile is Your On-the-Go Solution


Train Your Way to Success Anywhere, Anytime

CourseMill Mobile lets learners access training content from anywhere in the world. They don’t even need an internet connection, which means they’ll be ready for training and performance support wherever and whenever they need it. Give your employees the freedom of on-the-go learning—train, plane or submarine.



Deliver secure m-Learning content to your employees’ mobile phones and tablets from your learning management system (LMS).



Track courses, surveys and assessments with SCORM, and get full reporting on usage, access and completion status for all the mobile content.



You can deliver specific content and tests to groups you choose in your organization. Easily manage content by setting it as required or optional.


Access content anywhere, anytime.

Keep your employees productive even while they’re on the go. With CourseMill Mobile, they can always get to the content you send—even offline.

See important data, like scores.

Check up on your learners’ productivity! See their scores, and get valuable info on their progress for the training you assign them. View more features.


Keep iOS and Android users happy.

CourseMill Mobile works on both iOS and Android devices. This keeps everyone happy, plus it eliminates the pain of compatibility hassles.

Perfect for your learning plan.

CourseMill Mobile works with your learning management system to track your m-Learning content, so you can show off the results of your training program success.Read the FAQ for more information.

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