Snap! by Lectora

Affordable Rapid e-Learning

The Way PowerPoint-based e-Learning Should Be


Powerful on Their Own—Revolutionary Together

These two rapid e-Learning tools work seamlessly together, so you can quickly create content.



Create animated learning experiences—even branching and scenario-based training—quickly and easily with this e-Learning PowerPoint plugin. You can even track learners’ results with your LMS.



You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create exciting rapid e‑Learning. Our helpful tools and wizards make it simple to create powerful interactive content that will dazzle your audience and excite your learners.



Snap! by Lectora eliminates the price barrier, so everyone can join the e‑Learning community. For just $99, you can create stunning courses, presentations and fun content.

Snap! by Lectora lets you:


Develop quickly with intuitive icons.

Find everything you need quickly in the familiar PowerPoint environment, so you can create e-Learning faster than ever before.

Easily install into PowerPoint 2013.

Snap! by Lectora is compatible with PowerPoint 2013. Quickly install into PowerPoint, and take advantage of all the fantastic features of Snap! by Lectora and the new PowerPoint.


Share with the world in just one click.

Snap! by Lectora makes publishing simple. Choose from practically any way you can imagine to share your content quickly and easily including to the Web, your LMS, a CD or Lectora. Read the FAQ for more information.

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Snap! Empower has the features you need at the price you want:


Just $99?!

Get more bang for your buck! Snap! Empower animation software makes it simple for anyone to create amazing animations affordably. There’s no reason to pay more than $99 for fantastic interactions and animations software. View tech specs.

Quickly create custom animations and interactions.

Developing interactive and engaging content doesn’t have to take tons of time. Easily create powerful e‑Learning flash animations quickly using our customizable templates and easy-to-use tools.


Kick start your content.

Snap! Empower’s endless supply of pre-built interactivity and professionally designed templates will help you create the amazing content of your dreams.

Drag & drop to edit.

In just a few seconds, you can easily add any image, template or interactive components right into your content using the Drag & Drop editor.


Customize properties.

This is your control station for fully custom, interactive animations. Properties give you the power to create the full-featured interactivity you imagine.

Check out all of Snap! Empower’s features now.

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