CourseMill Talent Management

CourseMill Talent Management

Your Solution for Employee Development


Learning Gaps? Not Any More.

You’re ready to eliminate learning gaps with your employees. CourseMill Talent Management is the one you want right by your side! This guy’s here to help you successfully plan your training program to better develop and manage your workforce. Use it with your learning management system (we suggest CourseMill LMS) to keep all your solutions for success in one place.



Lectora Online is your new favorite tool. It combines the power of Lectora’s desktop authoring solution with the freedom of cloud authoring. e-Learning development just got a whole lot easier!



Your team can work together from anywhere—the office, the coffee shop or across the globe. Lectora Online keeps everyone working together and facilitates content sharing.



Easily publish your courses to any learning management system (LMS), likeCourseMill LMS or CourseMill Wave.


Performance management is easy.

You don’t have to be an expert to manage your workforce. CourseMill Talent Management has intuitive, easy-to-use features that make this task easy. Pretty soon, your employees will be on their way to success! View all features.

Employees take charge of their learning.

Employees can create their own talent development plan with a simple 4-step process. Here’s what you’d do as an employee:
• Evaluate the critical elements of your job.
• Determine your key development areas.
• Select learning resources that match your workload and learning preferences.
• Prioritize development activities into a valuable talent development plan.


Plays nice with CourseMill LMS.

You’ll need an LMS to link with CourseMill Talent Management. We recommend CourseMill LMS—its power and brains are a perfect match for performance management. Employees can log into CourseMill Talent Management and access CourseMill LMS content right inside it, so everything they need is in one place. Read the FAQ for more information.

Easily define roles and responsibilities.

It’s easy to define the key responsibilities, challenges, competencies, skills and knowledge for each role. Just use the content library of predefined competencies and challenges. We know your time is valuable; CourseMill Talent Management is here to make the most of that time.


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