The Best of e-Learning in August

August is a pretty big month. It’s National Golf Month, National Catfish Month and Water Quality Month, in addition to including some very important holidays like National Watermelon Day, Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day and Race Your Mouse Day. Here at Your Everything for e-Learning Place, we’ve been busy training our mice to race, but we found a little time to gather up the best e-Learning articles from August just for you. Enjoy these articles because if my mouse loses the race, I’m blaming all of you!

  1. Using CSS to Style Your Lectora Course

    Are you ready to see just how far you can take your Lectora® e-Learning course? We asked a pro Lectora developer to share some insight into using CSS to style a Lectora course. 

  2. Is Your Authoring Tool the Top Dog?

    Take a look at the characteristics of your authoring tool that would make it the top dog in the e-Learning world.

  3. 3 Great Ways to Make Sure Your Next eLearning Program is Not Your Last

    Learn the 3 fundamental keys you need to achieve learning engagement and 3 major mistakes to never repeat again in your training program.

  4. 4 Steps to Designing an Effective Online Training Program

    Effective online training programs keep your company productive and profitable.

  5. Boost Employee Productivity: 4 Tips for Mobile Training 

    You can easily increase your employee productivity by introducing m-Learning. Take a look at these four tips now.

  6. Nuts and Bolts: What You Measure Is What You Get 

    Jane Bozarth talks about the importance of finding meaningful measures and not tracking data just for the sake of getting numbers.

  7. Developing a learning culture

    This article emphasizes that learning leaders need to focus on creating a productive learning culture. Take a look at six tools you can use to create a learning culture.

  8. Learning is About Exploring New Worlds

    The eLearning Guild’s David Kelly talks about breaking free from what we know of learning to explore new worlds and create better e-Learning.

  9. Game Element: Feedback

    One of the many benefits of game-based learning is the constant and immediate feedback. Gamification expert Karl Kapp explores the different types of feedback in this article.

  10.  It’s Performance That Matters

    At the end of the day, organizational success is fundamentally determined by how well people actually end up performing the day-to-day tasks. This article explores the challenges and solutions to improving performance.

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